Group training classes are an excellent way to improve your fitness and strength plus boost your energy and mood. Combining regular exercise with smart food choices and intelligent recovery strategies will also lead to sustainable weight loss. Group fitness sessions are a really effective way to achieve your goals for many reasons …

Motivating and supportive

When starting a new exercise programme, or getting back into one, the first step is always the hardest. Group fitness sessions are a great way to do this as they involve joining others who are training and this leads to a supportive and encouraging environment.

Everyone struggles with motivation at some point or another in their exercise life and being part of a team means that you’re more likely to go to each class and really apply yourself. Positive social connections and a sense of community mean you’re also less likely to skip sessions as you don’t want to let your workout buddies down.

Train at your own pace

A key thing to remember is that everyone is different – their genetic make up, basic fitness level, fitness attitudes and targets. One person may be far more experienced and want to push themselves to new personal bests each session whilst another may want to take more time to perfect new techniques and increase intensity more gradually.  Each person is different and a good trainer will be able to coach each person to achieve their maximum potential. 

Positive environment

Humans are a sociable bunch by nature and studies have shown that exercising in a group builds bonds between the participants. Spending your time constructively with others is more likely to lead to friendships and create a positive team spirit.

One of the reasons so many people love exercising are the psychological effects. Endorphins are released in your brain after exercise and that makes you feel good. Recent studies suggest this may be enhanced in a group environment.

Some friendly competition

There is no doubt that training in a group can be super motivating and adding a bit of a friendly competition can really boost people’s determination to try harder and improve. Other peoples’ progress will inspire you to try give it your all. 

Excellent value for money

Group fitness sessions are excellent value!

Trainwithjake group fitness sessions have a maximum class size of six people. This ensures that everyone will be using correct technique for each exercise and continually receive quality feedback throughout the session.

A great way to start a regular routine is to commit to a set amount of sessions. You’ll receive a discount when you buy ten or more and there is also additional support with a ‘Food & Sleep Diary’ analysis and weekly fitness tracking. Sustainable weight loss is easily achievable through a combination of regular exercise, smart food choices and intelligent recovery strategies. 

In my group classes I combine all of the key ingredients noted above and constantly deliver sessions which are varied, challenging and fun. It is important that people look forward to training and want to get out and test themselves.

If you are interested in joining a group session then click here for the prices and the weekly schedule … taking the first step is always the hardest!