Below are testimonials from clients and you can read more reviews on my Facebook page here and Google reviews here 


Anna Fairbairn
“I have been having sessions with Jake in the run-up to my wedding to complement my gym routines, but I feel the sessions with Jake were a lot more effective as they had a more long-term focus and the nutritional advice was very helpful, especially the food diary.

I have really enjoyed my group sessions (2 people) with Jake. The sessions were tailored to our fitness levels and Jake was open to any suggestions for what to focus on in the next session. The sessions got increasingly harder, but were always achievable, and after every session I felt energised, rather than sick!

Jake is easy to get along with, makes you feel comfortable and is very good at motivating you to finish that 2 minute plank! I now feel stronger, rather than just slimmer and can fit into my wedding dress- result- thanks Jake!”

Jonathan Lewis
“I have found Jake Gough’s personal training regime to be ideally suited to my needs. Jake has listened to my desired goals and given them a lot of thought. Dietary requirements as well as physical training have been worked on. Within two or three weeks I not only feel better in myself but I have also lost weight. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Will Hays
“Before I started to train with Jake I found exercise a real chore. But now I actually look forward to my weekly sessions with Jake. He’s an enthusiastic guy who has focused on my requirements whilst pushing me into new areas. I’ve been able to monitor my progress thanks to the helpful monthly feedback. The benefits have been significant. I’ve found that doing every day tasks, like carrying my very large bag to work, have become much easier. I have greater energy levels to get more out of life.”

Tim Allen
“Having spent a number of years rugby training and doing informal gym work, I was keen on something more focused and some motivation outside of a team training environment. I had at times taken training quite seriously but in recent years had not necessarily been in tip top shape.

The programmes are good, varied and pitched at the right level for me. What is especially good is that they make a difference! The exercises we have done have gotten harder and harder and the focus is always on quality rather than quantity or weight. Planks are horrible, full stop.

The sessions were targeted to my goals to tone up and get stronger and there is a progression over the sets of sessions and also comparisons to previous sessions. Its great because it allows you to see real improvements both physically but also by reference to workouts you have done in the past.

The nutritional advice was a bit of an eye opener to me but anyone who tells me I can eat lots is worth listening too (if it’s the right stuff, yes I know Jake!). Jake is great and not only giving you the advice but explaining the “why” part as well, which is important. The food diary, whilst not necessarily the most uplifting experience (!), really helped me to get the best out of the sessions.

Jake strikes a good balance between chatty and smiley and motivational. Feedback is one of Jakes strong points, it’s focused and directed and I found it encouraging. He is a positive chap however, so even the bad stuff isn’t too hard to take!!”