Its simple – exercise really works …

If you want to become fitter and stronger, lose weight, train for an event, or all of the above, then this is for you.

Whether you are a complete exercise novice, a part time sports nut or a professional athlete the correct training programme is vital. Tell me what your aims are and I will design a programme tailored for you and what you want to achieve.

Each session is varied, challenging, and fun. You will master Kettlebell moves, bodyweight and TRX exercises, plus enhance your speed, agility, co-ordination. The fundamentals of learning any new skill are vital so you will always learn the correct technique and form for each new exercise. 



verbier personal trainingBoost fitness, strength and energy 

verbier personal trainingLearn key nutrition and recovery strategies

verbier personal trainingImprove fitness knowledge and understanding

verbier personal trainingBurn fat fast and decrease stress

The mountains are the perfect place to train. High altitude training will boost your fitness even more than at sea level, and the incredible scenery and fresh air will inspire you.

Training options include forest trail runs, high altitude workouts, indoor functional fitness and HIIT sessions.

Effective training, though, is only one part of the puzzle to a healthy mind and body. Making smart food choices and developing intelligent recovery strategies are key to maximising your potential. Learn more about these essential components when you block book Personal Training, Group Fitness sessions or sign up to Bootcamps.

Start an exercise routine today, work hard and enjoy the benefits.



Personal training in Verbier


1:1 training is the most effective and efficient way to train. Each session is tailored to you and what you want to achieve.

Group training sessions in Verbier


Modern life is unpredictable, hectic and stressful so train where you want and at a time that suits you.

Group training sessions in Verbier


High energy, mood boosting, regular group sessions which focus on improving overall fitness and total body strength.

Verbier boot camps


Intense two or five day courses designed to push you to your limits whilst also teaching you how to get the most out of training.